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Remember to Floss for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your Thanksgiving is over and you are brushing your teeth in front of the mirror.  You may want to do a quick "brush and go", but don't! It is extremely important that you remember to floss in-between your teeth. Do you see the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie in your braces? How about between your [...]

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Humanity- What does it mean to you?

Humanity. What does that mean to you? In this post-election season, these are important words to think about. The country is divided - red and blue. People are divided - black, white, purple and green and yellow. People fight and hate over religion, skin color and gender preference.  They judge some [...]

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Long Island’s Hungry Need our Help

In January of each year, the number of homeless people is counted on Long Island. As of January 27, 2016 the number of homeless here was 3960! How staggering is that? On top of these facts, 11% of our Long Island population goes hungry every day!  Not only the homeless, but our neighbors around us s [...]

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Eating Halloween Candy With Braces

With Halloween right around the corner, it is the time for spooky costumes, tricks and treats!  We encourage children to have fun and enjoy their candy, but there are a few important things to keep in mind when eating their Halloween treats! In orthodontics we say that ALL candy should be avoided. S [...]

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February’s Contest Winner

Congratulations to Brook S.! She was the winner of our February Valentine Contest. There were 463 hearts in our box, and Brook guessed 453. Her guess was closest to the actual amount. Her prize was a $25.00 Visa gift card.   Each month we have a new guessing contest. Come on into the office dur [...]

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Our Office Treats You Like Family

Orthodontics runs in my family. My Dad was an orthodontist in Glen Cove and my Brother is an orthodontist in N.Y.C. I grew up in the lab, helping my Father with anything I could. I mingled with the patients and their families. Our home was the office, so the office was my home. It is only natural fo [...]

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November’s contest winner

Who won our November “Trinket” contest???? Will C. did!! Congratulations Will, you won the $25.00 Visa gift card for November!! Remember, December’s contest is going on now!!!! Stop by the office and take a guess at how many holiday lifesavers we have in the container! The winner will be chosen at t [...]

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Gift Card Contest Winners!!!

Congratulations to Ryan Ott for winning September’s contest and Matthew Brignati for winning October’s contest!!! Ryan guessed the exact number of crayons in our jar…280!!! Way to go Ryan! Matthew guessed the closest to the actual number of 1123 Candy Corn…he guessed 1129! They each won a $25.00 Vis [...]

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